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Unfortunately, due to the corona virus we have to cancel all events until March 31, 2020. Attendees will be informed as soon as possible.

21 March | First Blockchain.JS

Learn about blockchains and how to program them. Saturday March the 21th Lisk Center Utrecht provides you with a full day workshop. Get an onboarding in the world of blockchains with introductory talks about blockchain and the LiskSDK. Get to know the LCU Community during the lunch and start building your own blockchain in the afternoon with three different hands-on workshops. Afterwards we will have something to eat and drink.
Everything is brought to you by the LCU Community. The place to start your blockchain journey in the centre of the Netherlands.
Costs: € 25,00
We will pay back the € 25,- in Lisk token at the end of the event.

Lisk Center Utrecht

Jaarbeursplein 6
3521 AL Utrecht

21 March

10.00 h – 18.00 h

Costs € 25 ,-

Which will be paid back in Lisk tokens at the end of the event

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